The Equity Token Platform

Businesses can issue tradable crypto tokens representing legal equity in their company through the Stamps platform, providing them with a revolutionary alternative to the traditional ICO model.
Stamps ("Stamps SAS de CV") is a Mexican based company operating in Mexico. USA Citizens will not be able to participate.

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Coin Information

Coin Symbol: STAMP
Coin Purpose: Receive Equity Tokens Through Stamp Releases.
Maximum Coin Supply: 300,000,000 STAMP.
Coins Available For Purchase: 210,000,000 STAMP.
Accepted Payments: ETH.
Default Purchase Price: 1 ETH = 1000 STAMP.
Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.1 ETH.
Public ICO Period: February 5th 2018 to April 4th 2018.
ICO Hard Cap: 210,000,000 STAMP (Est. 210,000 ETH).
ICO Soft Cap: 2,500,000 STAMP (Est. 2,500 ETH).
Note: If the Soft Cap is not met, the funds will be returned to their rightful owners automatically via the smart contract.

Bonus Rates

Rates based on 1 ETH


  • 1850 STAMP - Week 1
  • 1800 STAMP - Week 2


  • 1550 STAMP - First Day
  • 1500 STAMP - Week 1
  • 1450 STAMP - Week 2
  • 1400 STAMP - Week 3
  • 1350 STAMP - Week 4
  • 1300 STAMP - Week 5
  • 1250 STAMP - Week 6
  • 1200 STAMP - Week 7
  • 1150 STAMP - Week 8
  • 1000 STAMP - Last Day


  • Send 300 - 800 ETH
    Receive 4% Extra

  • Send 801 - 1600 ETH
    Receive 10% Extra

  • Send 1601 - 2500 ETH
    Receive 20% Extra

  • Send 2501+ ETH
    Receive 30% Extra

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What you need to know...

Businesses will be able to issue Equity Tokens through the Stamps Platform which will represent an ownership share of their company. This medium allows businesses to reach a growing community of enthusiasts, receive brand awareness, access funding on the open market, and grow their business in a decentralized, revolutionary, manner. The holders of these issued Equity Tokens benefit by receiving legal ownership rights of the company, Bitcoin Dividend Payments, Voting Privileges, Merger/Acquisition Payouts, and more.

Equity Token Holder Benefits

  • Own Equity - By holding the Equity Tokens you receive from our Stamp Releases, you will legally own an equity share of the issuing business. The amount of Equity Tokens you will receive from every Stamp Release is proportional to the number of STAMP coins you hold in your wallet.

  • Bitcoin Dividend Payments - The issuing business may choose to share their profits with their Equity Token Holders in the form of Bitcoin Dividend Payments. The payment amount received will be proportional to the number of Equity Tokens held in your wallet.

  • Voting Right Privileges - When an issuing business has to make a significant decision your opinion can make a difference. With just the click of a button you can help shape the future direction of the business you are participating in!

Benefits For Business

  • Funding - Once a market has formed the business will be able to liquidate parts of their retained equity tokens on the open market to fund their business operations as needed. However, the issuing business will agree to receive only a portion of their retained Equity Tokens in an agreed timetable to protect the interest of the Equity Token Holders.

  • Instant Community - The issuing business can access an aspiring community of Stamps enthusiasts who are interested in being vested in real-world opportunities.

  • Flexible - Stamps will work with the issuing business to model their Equity Tokens to their needs. Equity Tokens are programmable technology that can perform many financial actions.

  • Little To No Risk - Businesses may be wary of giving away their equity in the form of tradable tokens because of the slight chance of market failure. However, there is little to no risk to the issuing business. Equity Tokens can be programmed to present different equity stakes of the issuing business depending on predetermined market values. Equity Token termination rules can also be created if a predetermined market value is never reached in a given timeframe. As an example, an issuing business may wish to wait until the market value reaches x amount before their Equity Tokens represent a larger equity stake in their business. They also may wish to set a termination rule in where If a given market value is not reached within a certain period, the issued Equity Tokens will automatically be destroyed, thus returning the equity to the business.

The STAMP Coin

A utility coin built on the Soferox blockchain, the STAMP coin gives its holders the privilege of receiving Equity Tokens released through the Stamps Platform directly into their Stamps Wallet.

Equity Tokens

These tokens are created and issued through the Stamps Platform by real-world businesses, and represent an equity share of the issuing organization. Equity Token Releases are gifted to STAMP Coin holders directly into their Stamps Wallet, not sold, which is very similar to an 'Air Drop'. The amount of Equity Tokens one will receive directly relates to how many STAMP Coins they are holding in their Stamps Wallet at the time of the release.


The Stamps Wallet

A fully featured cryptocurrency wallet engineered from the ground up to facilitate the storage of STAMP coins and the management of many different Equity Tokens. The Stamps wallet will provide access to all Equity Tokens at a granular level of detail while summarizing portfolio data in a clear, easy to read format.

The home screen will consist of a pie chart displaying a weighted summary of all holdings, with a news feed, and notifications system. The total balance of a user’s holdings, represented in fiat currency, will also be found here. A navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen will provide access to more in-depth data, such as current stamp releases, upcoming stamp releases, news releases, legal documents & tools, transaction history, and application-specific settings.


Equity Management Tools

The Stamps platform deploys robust capabilities to help businesses meet obligations to equity token holders. To promote the value of assuming an ownership stake, the issuing organization can create benefits and structural advantages available to their equity token holders.

Dividend Payments

A share of company profits, paid out in regular intervals to equity token holders via Bitcoin.

Voting Rights

Equity token holders can take part in certain, high-level, decisions of strategic value to the company, like the election of board members.

Equity Stake Increases

An organization might decide to increase the amount of equity attributed equity token holders. This is particularly useful if the valuation of the company has changed.

Merger or Acquisition

In the event a stamp-issuing organization is acquired, equity token holders will be compensated according to their stake in the organization via Bitcoin.


Why Issue Equity Tokens?

Issuing equity tokens on the Stamps platform has several important advantages over traditional methods. Issuers can take advantage of the robust equity management tools, expert support, and direct access to the self-selected community of STAMP enthusiasts interested in emerging technologies and innovative business ideas. This allows an organization to focus on its core competencies, instead of marketing itself to attention-starved financiers.

Stamps administrators will also ensure total compliance with local laws, helping the organization avoid a classification as a security. This  works to the benefit of the organization itself, but also helps exchanges and fiat-to-crypto onramps make the organization's equity tokens available to their clients without risking interactions with regulatory bodies.

The Future

Much like the stock market of today, we see a marketplace where Stamps will represent many different organizations from a cross-section of the global economy. Software development, stores, real estate, restaurants, and more, can be represented using equity tokens created on the Stamps platform. In this paradigm, businesses, start-ups, nonprofit organizations, and shared-ownership assets all have a place.

STAMP token holders have the opportunity to be involved in one of the most exciting implementations of financial technologies yet and have transparent access to real-world business native to a 21st-century economy.

STAMP Coin Distribution

Stamps Coin Chart

Business Road Map


The Team

Manuel Garcia

Founder / CEO

Manuel Garcia has been involved in the blockchain industry since early 2013. He co-founded Nexus(NXS) formally known as Coinshield(CSD) in 2014 and currently oversees operations at the Token Launch Group( where Manuel and the team aid organizations in launching successful initial coin offerings.

Lars Mapstead

Business Analyst

Mr. Lars Mapstead is the Founder of multiple companies including Internet Presence Providers, Legendary Speed, Cashsurfers, Mp3Board and Fupa Games, Inc. Mr. Mapstead served as Director of FriendFinder Networks Inc. since 2013. Mr. Mapstead has over 15 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, Focused on Internet Marketing and Business development.

Chad Willis

Community Specialist

Chad Willis is a cryptocurrency investor and online entrepreneur with extensive experience in the advertising industry. Starting out as an affiliate network manager, Chad contributed to seven-figure growth at his firm. Chad is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California.

Tom Ashley

Blockchain Developer

Tom Ashley is a Software Engineer and Internet Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to build out their tech, scale their infrastructure, and grow their professional brands. After spending over a decade working in performance marketing and related software development for many brands and startups, Tom knows what truly drives a solid tech company. It's not lines of code — and it’s not server farms. It’s about building experiences people want to be a part of, from the engineering team all the way to the user experience.

Michael Gordon

Lead Attorney

Michael R. Gordon is the former co-chair of the Commercial Disputes Practice Group at a global, AmLaw 100 law firm and has been representing businesses and individuals in all aspects of dispute avoidance and resolution since 1989. He also serves as outside general counsel to companies for which a full-time general counsel is not practical.


Frank Bonnet

Frank Bonnet is the founder and lead developer at DCORP, an autonomous, decentralized and democratic organization that exists on the blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. Frank has nine years of experience designing, building and maintaining countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects.

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